Ken Hamilton Caregiver Center “I knew the minute I walked into the Center, that a psychologist was involved in the design.”
-Ken Hamilton Caregivers Center, Northern Westchester Hospital, S/L/A/M/ Collaborative designers (Caregiver’s comment, 2008)

Group Design Services

Designing a new School? Healthcare? Work? or Leisure space? A new Community?

Begin by having Dr. Toby Israel lead your key users/target market through time-sensitive visioning or focus group sessions.

Gain a Design Psychology Blueprint—comprehensive design recommendations that help you to:

  • Understand your users'/market's deepest motivations and preferences
  • Build consensus
  • Make focused, information-based decisions
  • Design a functional, beautiful, successful place
Visioning Sessions
As part of the programming process, clients are led through a series of carefully developed visioning sessions which bring to the fore the vast store of experience and emotions that contribute to their vision of ideal place. Sessions are carefully tailored to lead project reps through comprehensive and time-sensitive visioning to produce focused, consensus-inspired design decisions.
Focus Groups
Focus groups bring together a small, representative group of users/customers to test your design vision. Such sessions use Design Psychology questioning tools and visual examples to take a “deeper-than-deep dive” into your customers' motivations and preferences. Insight gained during focus groups results in comprehensive recommendations, helping you to make solid decisions about the design/marketing of your project.